We offer a comprehensive emergency lighting test and inspection for each individual building in line with the recommendations of BS5266-1999 emergency lighting.

We will survey the whole of your building, creating a log of your emergency lighting to include the location and type of fitting as well as giving each fitting an identification number.

Once the log has been created we will then carry out an annual 3 hour drain test which entails allowing your emergency fittings to come on until flat. During the 3 hour test our engineer will walk the building checking random fittings internally and listing all faults found in the log. Any fitting that does not last the duration will be marked in the log as failed.

Upon completion of the test the log is completed with all results and a copy will be passed to our remedial department who will raise a no obligation quote for any remedial works required.

Our engineers will also determine whether or not the layout and proximity of emergency fittings is correct as recommended in BS5266-1999. Any deviations from this will be highlighted and suggestions will be offered as to how to rectify this.

We also offer a six monthly test which allows for a 1 hour drain of all fittings as well as the full inspection as above.

The log will be updated at each test date and our staff will inform you when they are due so that you have no need to concern yourselves with missing dates.

Should you require any more information on Emergency lighting then please call and one of our engineers will be pleased to assist.

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